Aim & Scope

Since disability has a vast connotation with complex phenomenon reflecting interaction between features of a person’s body and features of the society in which he or she lives; it needs an interdisciplinary knowledge from multi domains to understand its academic, social and practical implications/solutions . To achieve this aim, the journal ‘Disabilities and Impairments’ was started in 1987 to integrate the perspectives of professionals, research scholars, educationists, social scientists, medical doctors, community workers, differently able persons, their caregivers and public at large. The journal through all the years, has endeavoured to bring out all kinds of research and innovation which directly or indirectly contribute to the well being of our citizens by pushing the boundaries and bringing them under the fold of an inclusive society which empowers all to have equality of opportunity irrespective of their activity limitation, participation restriction or impairment.

The journal also propagates for survival strategies for differently able persons that include learning and enhancing capacities so that they can position themselves within their environment in a normal fashion according to their sex, age and culture (employment, household tasks, raising children, and physical activity such as games and other forms of recreation), to maintain social relationships, and to pursue a socioeconomic activity and preserve self sufficiency.

The journal ‘Disabilities and Impairments’ is an invaluable source of functional information for researchers, educationists, rehabilitation activists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, social workers, anthropologists, medical doctors, dieticians, bio-chemists, neurologists and public at large. With its integrative approach, the journal provides a strong networking among researchers, differently able persons and society at all levels in augmenting the process of mainstreaming the persons with any kind of activity limitation participation restriction or impairment.