The Journal

The Journal “Disabilities and Impairments having ISSN 0970 356X” was started in 1987. It is registered with the Registrar of Newspaper for India under N/507028/87.

The journal has visionary association with differently able persons, their caregivers, social workers and communities as well as with research scholars and professionals. Since quality of life of differently able persons is a socially relevant issue, it is important to understand what they feel about their own realities primarily to evolve participatory and innovative approach that could bring positive differences in the lives of these people.

The journal reports up to date evaluative research information related to different perspectives of disability, the psychological, familial and social implications of disability, aspects of prevention and wellness in disability, systematic reviews on new interventions, technologies and programs for reducing disabling conditions or the functional limitations of the persons with disabilities.

The Journal has credential of publishing over 600 international and national acclaimed research papers on the topics of mental deficiency, orthopaedic handicaps, malnutrition, educational problems, visual handicaps, drug abuse & alcoholism, speech & hearing impairment, autism, learning disabilities, epilepsy, leprosy, aids, environmental hazards, guidance , counselling, issues related with women, adolescents and old age, health and wellbeing.

The journal in its section “BEHIND THE HEADLINES” shares a focus on the stories beyond the news. It provides a deeper understanding of real life experiences with unknown complex events faced by citizens, soldiers, persons with disabilities, marginalized / downtrodden sections of the community by evolving a story of their journey from “Adversaries To Possibilities” placing factual narrations. It talks about framework of conflicting situations experienced within Government & Policy makers’ functioning within which our societies are shaped up; it enumerates the hiatus within the policies which are far away from realities and ground level actions, and enlists steps to address these challenges to create better tomorrow for all.

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